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    We make CS and US Uniforms 1861-1865, The War Between the States.  Our Uniforms are made in Texas.
    Most of the items we sell are US Made. Buy USA and keep the people of this country working!
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Sutlers for the 1861 to 1872 Period

High quality military and civilian goods and clothing for reenactors and enthusiasts. Including the Civil War, Indian Wars, S.A.S.S. Shooters, Victorian era, and other periods in the 19th century. 
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Tom & Thelma Barry
civil war sutler - Mercury Supply Company - civil war sutler

civil war sutler - Mercury Supply Company - civil war sutler

Mercury Supply Company Sutler
101 Lee Street
Livingston, TX 77351

Phone: (936) 327-3707 or (936) 327-1574

Mercury Supply sells uniforms, accoutrements, and other items to a large number of reenacting units across the country. We also have furnished 19th Century reproduction items to museums in several states as well as working with movie productions. (Including: Cold Mountain, Ride With the Devil, American Outlaws, True Women, The Rough Riders, Gods and Generals, Jonah Hex and Two for Texas.)

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civil war sutler - Mercury Supply Company - civil war sutler

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